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After-Death Plan on Strawberry Tongue Radio's Friday Night Five

Lesley here. Not sure how I stumbled across Strawberry Tongue Radio. Twitter? I kept seeing them post pictures of personal icons and checked out their website: Fad Gadget, the 4AD heyday crew, Alien Sex Fiend—so many shows I’ve seen. Really almost no obscure stone unturned. And artists I haven’t heard of (yay) who I’d say evolved along the eclectic, deep dark experimental path. High praise -- I don’t get enough of these sounds without double coatings of dancehall industrial and collegiate punk rock. I sure am spending way too much time getting to the point. I listened online then found they have an app so you can stream Strawberry Tongue from whatever device you’re shackled to (my iPhone implant). Been listening a lot. Here comes the point: Tonight, Friday 2/24/17, After-Death Plan is one of five featured artists on Strawberry Tongue Radio’s Friday Night Five show! Five new artists and one old-school standard are showcased. And they even write an artist intro on each. Here's a bit of the what they had to say about ADP:

"Lesley’s voice has the quirky element of jazz singer Blossom Dearie and their overall style relies on haunting, infectious melodies. Blending beautifully with the song structures of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen and Black Tape for a Blue Girl, there music could best be described as an incantation of the early 4AD sound. It was very hard to narrow down three of their tracks tonight, but, we are featuring “Picking Bones,” “Into the Grey,” and “The Sea and the Earth Gave Birth to Wonder.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This week's featured artists include After-Death Plan, Fawns of Love, Chris J. Connolly, Death in June & Fake Your Own Death. Bonus tracks tonight include new material from Phantom Tails, PVT and The Grey Merchant. Visit at 6:45pm EST for artist introductions and then tune in to the special playlist at 7:00pm, 9:00 & 11:00 EDT/EST. The show re-airs on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00 & 11:00 EDT/EST.

Strawberry Tongue Music

From Strawberry Tongue’s site: The ethos of Strawberry Tongue has always been to explore the difference between what is beautiful, what is ugly? What is diseased, what is healthy? It’s about pushing limits and exploring new territories and expanding your musical palette. We relish the past as much as we love the future, so you will hear a smattering of songs from artists that range from the 60’s to current. We lean towards a “darker” and sometimes more experimental sound, however, we hesitate to say we are goth or emo. But, we might play both of those types of music from time to time. Oh, yeah, and we dig new wave, cold wave, post-punk, electronic, post modern, post-rock and indie & eclectic alternative. And dream pop, let’s not forget dream pop or chillwave. Then there is our love of Dadaist noise and Charleton Heston yelling. You’ve been warned.

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