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Stereo Stickman reviews the ADP song Neil Harvey

Stereo Stickman

"A stylish fusion of classic rock theatrics and grunge-inspired indie fuzz make up the audio experience that is Neil Harvey. Complete with a complex and captivating story-line, the song grows more and more fascinating as it progresses. Dashes of anthem-like togetherness flicker in and out of view, meanwhile the leading vocalist pours absolutely everything into the art of performance – a multi-layered, meandering melody-line suits the constantly evolving details and the growing passion of the process perfectly well.

Where progressive rock once took popular music to exciting new heights, this track reaches for the same level of creative expression – nothing is predictable, the mainstream standard set-up is nowhere to be found, yet what you get is this incredibly entertaining and surprisingly entrancing, rhythmic and powerful outpouring of moments. There’s a fluidity to the way the whole thing moves along, that chord progression offers a constant thread, as do those fragments of vocals that shout in from the distance.

There’s a simplicity to the soundscape for the most part, but on top of this floats an incredibly striking and rather soulful, emotional leading vocal performance that holds tight to your attention throughout. That alternative energy is immense, nostalgic in some ways but incredibly fresh in many others. An array of influences come to mind but none that stick around too intensely. After-Death Plan do their own thing, and that stands tall – particularly among today’s musical landscape.

A single listen doesn’t really cut it in terms of connecting on a deeper level, but a return visit works well and satisfies even more so. It’s an interesting song, refreshing and indicative of a band with plenty of artistry at the heart of what they aim to do. The Neil Harvey story is one well worth delving into.

Visit the After-Death Plan Website for more information."


He came from Hagerstown A premonition in the creeks of Antietam His story ringing centuries round A haunting is a tragedy repeating Make Ready. In the shadows blue of the Allegheny That rolling storm of distant trees It’s like a tidal wave did freeze Stopped. Afraid. Like when Neil was first betrayed Make Ready, Neil Harvey And keep your mouth closed, Harvey, and run away He flew past the hills [to] where the map marked the bay

[Where] “A horrible mart/fled slowly away" Make ready: RUN Blue starry flag on the rifle-barreled bow The eyelets staring, the anchors hanging down It was on the dog watch; Was he locked in fear or lost in thought? Did the sextant show an apparition? That moment again:

The frozen recollection Reduced to a babe who assumed he’d be saved

by god or man or inaccurate range The next thing he saw: a powder monkey so brave sponge down the barrel and ram it down You never know what the end is going to bring It’s a haunting repeating

Make ready, Neil Harvey And hang your mouth open


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Thanks again to Rebecca Cullen and Stereo Stickman for the thoughtful review!

And thanks to Dean for sending her our track!

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