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SONGFACTS for the album Psycho Social Sexual

I had written another detailed Songfacts about this album but decided to pull it back this time. I'll say instead that the world is a mess. 

For decades now, I’ve always been working on a song: lyrics, recording, mixing, and moving on to the next one. It’s what I do. It never mattered if people heard it outside of collaborators or people I connected with along the way. It could be argued that had my musical journey had not been so socially hermetic that I might have detoured on the journey to make a scene or keep up with trends or take in too much backchatter. Still, I’m thankful to Constantine for pushing me to release music. It’s more work than I’d like but we’ve met a lot of inspiring people by putting what we create together into other people’s hands.

We were moving around when we put the last collection, Literature, together. Since then we've rehabbed a beautiful old home and laid down roots. I got an Omni interface to upgrade to a Pro Tools HD system and mix in surround. I still don't use many fancy plugins, mostly basic filters, but found some tolerable delays and reverb so there's more of that this time around. Tell half a million people to buy the album so I can up my space to fit an EMT140? How long until people support artists again by buying their music?

I had Anna Frick from Airshow master this album because, well, I liked the idea of an all-female crew and also didn't want my mixes slicked up or overly compressed. Not that all guys do that, so you can stop yelling, guys. I wanted earthiness even if it meant having to turn the speaker up a bit louder instead of participating in hyper-compression. It's exhausting...pumping "hit" songs that sound like effects screaming for your attention. I cannot emotionally relate. 

We put together four videos for this album. One we hired out (Neil Harvey) and the others we did ourselves over a couple of months without much experience (Starlight, Psycho Social Sexual, Walking). Hopefully our DIY videos get a bunch of criticism because I do have a copy of Adobe Premiere I'd like to shove up someone's butt. It is exciting to learn a new medium. Of course I'd rather hire out the technical end to the filmmakers and up the storytelling. There are so many stories to tell and create.


May still post the Songfacts after all of this “new release” sharing dies down. Until then, a previous post about the collaboration on this album holds info on some of the best parts of Psycho Social Sexual.

Psycho Social Sexual - Album Credits:


1.  Psycho Social Sexual

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, vDrums, Claps

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ, vDrums, Claps

    Milan Karcic - Electric Guitar


2. Walking

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, vDrums

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, vDruns


3.  You Play Adult

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, vDrums, Percussion

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano

    Bob Ray Starker - Saxophone


4. Killed In Days

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, vDrums, Synthesizers

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass

    Tom Boyer - Juno 60, Sequential Circuits Pro One 


5. Neil Harvey

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Piano, Guitars, Backing Vocals

    George Hondroulis - Drums, Backing Vocals

    Lizard McGee - Guitars, Backing Vocals


6. Starlight

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, Violin

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Piano

    Jay Gasper - Electric Guitar


7.  Digging In The Fire

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, Vocal Effects, vDrums, Synthesizers

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, vDrums


8.  Mixing Chemicals

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, vDrums

    Lizard McGee - Acoustic Guitars


9.  Sinner

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, vDrums, Vocal Effects, Mallets, Synthesizers

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass, Electric Guitar, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals


10. Emma Nation

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals

    Henning Nugel - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion


11. Sitting In The Garden Sweet

    Lesley Ann Fogle - Vocals, Whistling, vDrums, Synthesizers

    Constantine Hondroulis - Bass


Tracked at Hear No Evil Sound except for the following: first round of Neil Harvey tracked at Musicol by Keith Hanlon, Emma Nation instrumentation tracked by Henning Nugel at Nugel Bros, Killed In Days Juno 60 and Sequential Circuits Pro One tracked by Tom Boyer at GBS Records

Mixed by Lesley Ann Fogle at Hear No Evil Sound

Mastered by Anna Frick at Airshow Recording

Album Artwork by Stephen Swartz

Psycho Social Sexual
Neil Harvey
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