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Neil Harvey

Neil Harvey was strapped to a cannon aboard the USS Constellation frigate ship in 1789 and blown to pieces for cowardice. He haunts the ship to this day. After-Death Plan tells the story of the premonition his haunting. Of the energy imprinted from the land that breathes from the Allegheny, from America’s bloodiest moment in Antietam Creek, to the bones of the tenants who tamed Lord Baltimore’s land, right up to the waters of the harbor; which may have been our Neil’s escape from the voices and sightings if ghosts stayed on land. A haunting is a tragedy repeating.

Premiered 1/08/19 on Pure Grain Audio Magazine:


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Psycho Social Sexual

Word nerd commentary about how the layered meanings of words relate to the mind, to society, and to the body.

The title track to After-Death Plan's 2019 album, Psycho Social Sexual.

Premiered 1/15/19 on Ghettoblaster Magazine:


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Starlight is a torch tribute to women of the golden era. A video with ritual burning and the evocation of the inner goddess or internal strength.

Premiered 1/20/19 by ADP:


The song Walking nods to the transcendental walk to the afterlife, through the material plane and across the quantum field; dipping into parallel scenarios or simply existing in the imprint of a memory. But here, returning to a predetermined path. In loving memory of Gary Fogle.

Premiered 2/1/19 on Columbus Underground:


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Jay Gasper, tracking session for Starlight He plays most of the song on guitar but this pedal manipulation part was incredibly cool.

Tracking session for Killed In Days. Thought it'd be funny to sing to playback with the mic unplugged. But it was not funny. Just led to patronizing comments from some stifled creatives. 

ProTools session for Mixing Chemicals. I played a mix for a guy whose response was that my mic handled certain frequencies well. Now I joke about how long my mic takes to mix an album.

I practiced video editing on Digging In The Fire. Thanks to Kokiski for the footage from the San Pedro del Pinatar mud baths. And to Videvo for Kecak fire dance and also the monkey footage.

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