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Mal VU (pronounced here like mal as in malus or malpractice + voo) means "badly seen"

The name is also a nod to a bad VU meter.

Mal VU, the musical project of Lesley Ann Fogle (AKA Vena Gore), started in 1993. While studying opera at OSU, Lesley realized she'd have to study audio engineering to produce the narratives and mythos she heard in her head. There were only a few audio programs like Full Sail back then and most creatives had some knowledge of their craft but really learned their trade by working their way up in the industry. After visiting Chicago to sing at a performance art show at Cabaret Voltaire, Lesley relocated there to work in the audio industry. At the jingle house, Catfish Music, she was given free rein after-hours where she honed her mixing skills at all hours of most nights; bringing in a rotating cast of musicians with the goal of making magic and improving her craft. Working over the years in various studios in the commercial world, she kept Mal VU going for the sake of artistic growth. The eight Mal VU albums were sent to a global network of cherry-picked collectors but never released for sale. Here is a track listing for six of those albums. There has been a lot of interest in releasing the Mal VU tracks. It would take funding for mastering and distribution.


Meanwhile, here's free download of a track ADP pulled for a recent radio show. This is "His Smile Is A Waiting Room" recorded in the year 2000 from the 5th collection, Mal VU 5.



1. I'd Lay

2. King of Skin

3. The New Unreal

4. Strings Pull Strings

5. Snakebite

6. Annabelle

7. Favorite Stone

8. Deanna

9. Black Swan



1. Rainslides

2. Real Love

3. This Dream

4. Come Back To Me

5. A Better Way

6. Burry Blind

7. Silver Accomplice



1. Graveman

2. I'm Digging Your Grave

3. Blood On Your Walls

4. Dunn Bunny

5. Plague of Faults

6. Too Much To Carry To The Devil For The Dead Man

7. Hook In My Mouth



1. All He Needs

2. Three Ravens

3. To Bloom

4. On A String

5. Flight 666

6. Monkey See

7. In The River 


1. His Smile Is A Waiting Room

2. Bastard's Lament

3. Hush Hush

4. AA (Alone Again Tonight)

5. My Dreams Are Rude

6. Vigil

7. The Two of Us

8. Good John

9. Pond Song



1. The Double Shuffle

2. Your See

3. Cutthroats, Murderers, Drunkards, & The Devil

4. A Taste of Honey

5. Gowak

6. Hi-Fi Romeo

7. If You Play With Fire, Baby, Burn

8. Fast Feelings


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