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After-Death Plan Featured On The Cat Club Podcast

This past weekend, Lesley and Constantine dropped in at the Music In Motion Columbus international headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to parlay with Rick Gethin for Episode 3 of the Cat Club podcast. Rick enthusiastically covers the Columbus music scene and we appreciate the lengths that he goes to promote the talent in our hometown.

Here's a picture of us, battleworn, after the interview - thanks Rick! Constantine (left), Lesley (middle), and Rick (right).

After-Death Plan and Rick Gethin

We talked about our project studio, influences, international intrigue, candy-striped leggings, the afterlife, and more. Things went from cerebral to silly and back again. Rick featured three songs off of our new album Literature: The Sea & Earth Gave Birth To Wonder, Raygun, and In The Sun. Rick’s favorite song on the record is In The Sun, which is not surprising given his penchant for prog rock and also the blatant rawk hand signal he is giving in our group photo. It’s always interesting for us to discover which songs are peoples’ favorites. Audio Rorschach. We love all of our songs as if they are our real-life non-complaining children and it feels like together they make up complete personalities. Into Grey, go tell In The Sun to pipe down on the drama and get ready for reading time before bed. Have we filled up 300 words on this blog post yet? By the way, which After-Death Plan song off Literature is your favorite?

Here's a link to the podcast where you can stream it directly:

We also did an interview with Music In Motion Columbus in February. You can find it here.

Rick is the Founder and Managing Editor of and has been involved with music in many capacities since 1989. He brings prior experience in terrestrial radio (on-air/show producer/news & sports/commercial production), live music (touring bands & bass guitar tech/lighting/sound/staging), digital radio and journalism (Fox Sports/Comcast/AP and various other sites) to the Music in MotionColumbus website, with an extremely strong belief in local music.

Thanks again to Rick and team. Keep up the great work!

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