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Strawberry Spotlight with Lady Audio

Strawberry Spotlight

Very cool interview today at 1pm ET, re-airing Sat & Sun at 1pm. This won't be available for download so you have to catch it live on the radio old-school style.

It might seem we're a bit obsessed with Strawberry Tongue and it's true. I like everything about the station and also these artist spotlights with Lady Audio of the band Maheekats who also runs a podcast about female audio engineers.

I need to add that Costa and I are rehabbing a 100+-year-old Tudor-revival duplex that is trashed (think hobo poo in the tub, the tub which also had a brick wall built around it ??) but has lovely bones like oak floors underneath it all, impressive mantels, and a victorian staircase. Our plan is to bring it to life and provide cool and affordable space for working artists. My point is that we largely paused in sending our music out to people and will remain in freeze frame until June or July. Strawberry Tongue remains in our sights because we listen to their app a lot. The good news is that demolition and rehab work makes for freeing songwriting. Been enjoying singing in a big empty house over a sander or while hammering a pry bar.

Interview deets:

Tune in for Strawberry Spotlight Radio Show hosted by Lady Audio. Each week Lady Audio chats with artists you hear on Strawberry Tongue Radio. This week she chats with the Columbus-based American Gothic Nous Rock band After-Death Plan. Strawberry Spotlight airs Wednesday at 1pm Eastern - 10am Pacific! (The show also re-airs on Saturday and Sunday at the same times.) But there are only 25 listening slots for this audio stream, so tune in early! Only on Strawberry Tongue Radio:

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