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Music In Motion Releases Compilation Album

After-Death Plan's "Raygun" Featured on "The Fog That Surrounds Us" - Columbus Music Compilation Album

Music In Motion Columbus is proud to release its first compilation album, The Fog That Surrounds Us. This 18-band compilation spans many genres and gives a glimpse into just how diverse the Columbus music scene is.

With 18-tracks of wonderful music to discover, there is the added bonus of 9-tracks being new and/or unreleased material. The album is being released on the Gas Daddy Go record label (Dayton, OH).

We have partnered with to donate all the profits from the sale of this album to this local charity that provides musical instruments to under-served and low-income children. This is the next generation of local bands, and we are very happy to be able to support this charities efforts to brings music to kids.

We have to thank CD 102.5 and Kibbey Context Entertainment for sponsoring this endeavor and making it all possible.

You can get your copy of The Fog That Surrounds Us… HERE

We hope that you enjoy this album as much as we do. If you discover a band you like, be sure to purchase their music, as well. As we always say, #SupportLocalMusic


  1. Smug Brothers – Look At Normandy (unreleased)

  2. Illogic – Blank Eyes

  3. Hello Luna – Sound And Sorrow

  4. Earwig – Trees

  5. Abby Ellis – Real (unreleased)

  6. Z Wolf – Get Down On The Floor (unreleased)

  7. Antiøch – Leave You (unreleased)

  8. Orion and The Constellations – The People

  9. Love Alive – Mask (unreleased)

  10. Change It Up Charlie – High Hopes

  11. After-Death Plan – Raygun

  12. Electric Orange Peel – Intergalactic Acrobatics

  13. The Down-fi – Sleep

  14. Personal Public – The Inbetween

  15. We Are The Movies – Beautiful Nightmare (unreleased)

  16. Betty Machete and The Angry Cougars – Drink (unreleased)

  17. Bava Choco – Nailed (unreleased)

  18. Admiral Contempt – Hanging Man (unreleased)

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