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Lone Frequencies Features After-Death Plan on Spotify Playlist

After-Death Plan's "Memory Remains" featured on Snowpocalypse Spotify Playlist

About Lone Frequencies:

Once upon a time, Jacob and James spent some time at a local internet radio station and while at this place, James suggested to Jacob the idea of creating a global radio show that caters to unsigned and independent music. A lot of show titles were thrown around and eventually, after a trip to the toilet, James returned (who went alone that is) with the name Lone Frequencies. And Jacob approved! Not to be mistaken with Lawn or Launch Frequencies, as Siri seems to think. The show ethos would be simple and can be summed up with three words: Anyone - Anywhere - Anything. because it is all just sounds we will welcome everyone into our Gazebo of sound - friendship - art - peace and love. The show would be genreless and we would be very Pro Bio. On the 4th of february, 2017 the first episode launched and since then it's been a highly enjoyable music journey. On the April 26th, 2017, with the previous station exiled from existance, Jacob and James decided to go independent and continue on with the show, which was now to be recorded at The Cabin. A secret location known only to J&J (as people like to say).

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