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The Art of After-Death Plan's Psycho Social Sexual

Happy Halloween! What better day to share the artwork for the album Psycho Social Sexual by Stephen Swartz:

After-Death Plan - Psycho Social Sexual Front Cover
After-Death Plan - Psycho Social Sexual Back Cover

After-Death Plan - Literature

Stephen Swartz also did the cover for our last album, Literature. He is an Altenburg-based photographic artist who studied at CCAD in Columbus, Ohio before moving to Germany. We threw a mess of imagery and ideals at Stephen and he calmly exceeded our expectations once again. After our almost gothic black-and-white artwork for the album Literature, inspired by authors and books, we wanted to unleash the color of what we’ve become from those classic roots. We threw some dizzying ideas at Mr Swartz about the the current psycho-socio-sexual political state of the world. He took it all in and studied us as the concept shifted a bit for budgetary reasons. He kept his hand on the string of our balloon heads, then pulled together this exceptional design while somehow triggering my childhood love of Conan magazines and the art of Frank Frazetta.

More artwork by Stephen Swartz (not to be confused with the songwriter or the author) can be seen at

Loop de loop

After-Death Plan has been in some big dumb waiting rooms trying to get this album out. It’s been finished with a launch date set for January 1, 2019. [UPDATE: We were advised to move this date to Jan 15 as promo people are not around just before the 1st. We hope to release a single instead but the full album is set for Jan 15.] This later launch date gives us time to send hard copies of the albums for review while we concentrate on video production.

We, ADP, got our hands on a camera a few months back and have been in bootcamp mode with costume design, lighting, lenses, shooting, editing… Our first video stab, for the song Starlight, is in the final stages of editing. Meanwhile we’ve hired out the shooting/editing for the songs Neil Harvey and Walking while juggling the planning and execution. Stay tuned.

Link to 3D CD layout of Psycho Social Sexual

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