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Neil Harvey video premiere on Pure Grain Audio

Pure Grain Audio premieres the first of four videos supporting After-Death Plan's upcoming album, Psycho Social Sexual, releasing January 15, 2019.

Neil Harvey was strapped to a cannon aboard the USS Constellation frigate ship in 1789 and blown to pieces for cowardice. He haunts the ship to this day. After-Death Plan tells the story of the premonition his haunting. Of the energy imprinted from the land that breathes from the Allegheny, from America’s bloodiest moment in Antietam Creek, to the bones of the tenants who tamed Lord Baltimore’s land, right up to the waters of the harbor; which may have been our Neil’s escape from the voices and sightings if ghosts stayed on land. A haunting is a tragedy repeating.

See the video on here Pure Grain Audio

Director, Editor, Lance Meaux

Director of Photography, Chris Hagan

Producer, Writer, 1st AD, Lesley Ann Fogle

Producer, Constantine Hondroulis

2nd AD, Lizard McGee

PA, James McGee-Moore

Ghoul Makeup, Monee Stamp

Shot on a Scarlet RED camera


Neil Harvey, Ken Jackson

Singer, Lesley Ann Fogle

Guitar, Lizard McGee

Bass, Constantine Hondroulis

Drums, George Hondroulis


Tracked by Keith Hanlon, Musicol Additional tracking and mix by Lesley Ann Fogle, Hear No Evil Sound Mastered by Anna Frick, Airshow Mastering

“Neil Harvey” by After-Death Plan from the 2019 album: Psycho Social Sexual, releasing Jan 15, 2019 Order today on CDBaby

Or get it locally Jan 15 at Lost Weekend Records

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