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6 Crucial Questions from NewsWhistle

Dan Kadison of NewsWhistle, the online whistle-stop for worldly readers who enjoy leading-edge stories, connects with After-Death Plan to ask Six Crucial Questions:

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1. What is your earliest musical memory?

Lesley: I don’t know why my mother was around punk rock music at the time but moshing in utero was a safe experience. Kinda like Ready Player One where players are suspended by bungee cords but in this case there’s also embryonic fluid so it’s like a warm swimming pool as well.

Constantine: I remember pretending to be Kiss with my friends and putting on shows in front of the fireplace using tennis rackets instead of guitars. I was Ace Frehley.


2. What has been your most embarrassing musical moment?

Lesley: I had to sing the line “ship holds treasure” but what happened was I had earlier bitten my tongue during a brief but annoying business meeting with an extraordinary narcissist. So instead I sang “shit holes THEHZEHFF.” I’m not sure of the exact spelling of that last word but it summoned some kind of Cthulean Old One. And apparently I asked it to shoot crap from every opening in the area. It was really embarrassing. But I look back and am just thankful we weren’t home at the time.

Constantine: I once played an entire song in the totally wrong key and I thought everyone else was wrong. I don’t know if that is embarrassing or not though…

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