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Psycho Social Sexual review from Flush The Fashion

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Thanks to Casey Bowers and Flush The Fashion for this well-written and complimentary review of the new album. And for letting us know about They Shall Not Grow Old, Tempranillo wines (temp-ra-neo:), historical sightseeing in Palermo, and eclectic music we might not have heard otherwise heard. The article and link are below:



The joy of making music in a side project and their artistic merits rarely match up. Even rarer is the musical side project that brings joy to both its makers and its audience and achieves artistic greatness and commercial success.

Psycho Social Sexual by Columbus, Ohio’s After-Death Plan may be that unicorn.

Comprised of sound engineer and vocalist Lesley Fogle (Mal Vu) and her husband, multi-instrumentalist Costantine Hondroulis (Earwig), After-Death Plan plays in the dark and digs in the fire, tackling themes universal and surreal and issues current and all too real with sensual rhythms, exotic textures, and just plain cool af songs.

This is mercurial music that creeps, stomps, floats, and burns. Nighttime listening for sure, but blasting in the shadows or with the shades pulled down feels alright, too.

For fans of: St. Vincent, Alison Mosshart, PJ Harvey, and other badass female singers, After-Death Plan’s Lesley Fogle is a welcome addition to the club in this trying era of dashed utopian dreams and waking dystopian nightmares.

As a second-generation immigrant, this feminist gothic rock poet croons, cries, and conjures up dark and beautiful melodies both straightforward and abstract across all 40 minutes of the 11 tracks.

Every song on After-Death Plan’s Psycho Social Sexual will haunt you for days and have you humming along. Sexy, dark, humorous, and poignant, Fogle’s voice is one that needs to be heard right now.

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