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After-Death Plan Featured On The Cat Club Podcast

Saturday, ADP dropped in at the Music In Motion Columbus international headquarters in Columbus, Ohio for some backchatter with Rick Gethin about our new album, Psycho Social Sexual, for Episode 88 of the Cat Club podcast. We last met with Rick in 2017 for Episode 3 to discuss the album Literature. The side-by-side aging photos are trending right now so here's one of us from both podcasts:

After-Death Plan and Rick Gethin

As you can see, Rick's look has changed dramatically and Constantine is trying a new hair part while using the same hairstyle that used to be on the top of his head as his beard. Meanwhile his shave-of-the-month-club razors stack up in the medicine cabinet...expect some kind of "real" art project involving those blades. I'm curious to see how far Constantine takes this lumberjack look but am secretly organizing a pack of friends to help me hunt and shave him in the spring.

We braved the snowpocalypse to get to MIMC so everyone's mood and hair was more low-key this time around. We discussed the incredible/collectable album artwork and some background info on each of the four songs that played: Neil Harvey, Starlight, Killed In Days, and You Play Adult.

Here's a link to the podcast where you can stream it directly:

Arguably one of the hardest working music sites in Columbus, Music In Motion Columbus stays on the move with podcasts, album reviews, concert reviews, and profiles with bands from the Columbus, tri-state, and Ohio areas, as well as national acts that visit our cloudcuckoo-never-never land. Let us all take out ads and encourage sponsorship for this group so we can employ our arts writers for their invaluable work.

Thanks again to Rick and the Music In Motion Columbus team!

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