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Free Mal VU song download

We recently hosted the Cultural Popcorn show on Radio 614. Their theme is to start off the show with something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We chose a millennial (literally) Mal VU track for something old called His Smile Is A Waiting Room from the 5th collection.

Mal VU V

It was a great excuse to pull out an old track. Many people have asked for that music but it is time-consuming to pull out the old sessions and we were hoping to have it all remastered. I don't think we'll spend time on the past unless enough of the present material sells that we can afford to have the Mal VU tracks mastered and heard as they were intended.

We pay our cover artist, pay for distribution, pay for mastering, and try to compensate our collaborators. And we spend most of our free time writing, recording, mixing,...then there's all of the promotion end of it. I'd gladly go back to the Mal VU gameplan of constantly creating.

Anyway, "His Smile Is A Waiting Room" is available for free download on Bandcamp

And here's a partial list of the Mal VU albums. I'll eventually get some dates and things up and upload some others as the occasion arises:

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