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Starlight video screens at Gateway Film Center

Gateway Film Center

Gateway is an independent nonprofit movie theater here that finds the best in indie and arthouse film to screen. We go here a lot and rely on them to keep us current on the film industry. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to screen one of our videos as part of "MojoFlo presents Music Video Mondays." This monthly event, March - May, is curated by Amber Knicole and her band MojoFlo, sponsored in part by the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

I didn't catch the full lineup but recognized Sarah Overdier from Salty Caramels showing a video from her solo work, Batman. And we sat next to the guys from Ghost Soul Trio so were able to chat with them after their video showed (I believe it was called Pantherland).

Everyone did a spoke a bit about their video before each showing, at which point I was able to snap a pic of the audience. That's us not pictured in those empty chairs.

From our four new music videos, they chose the glittering gold of Starlight, a torch tribute to women of the golden era and past generations. A glimpse of Hedy Lamar on a computer goes right into ritual burning and the evocation of the inner goddess or internal strength.


It was a great event hanging out with people following their dreams. Afterwards we hung out with MojoFlo at the Torpedo lounge and talked about all manner of things. They even got a round of beer which was named after them. How cool is that?!?! It's called MojoFlo Hoppy Amber by Sideswipe Brewing.

Hoppy Amber Sideswipe Brewing

That's it. Here's the video for Starlight in case you missed it. Imagine a 20 foot gold face and then imagine the wonderful effects that might be here if we had bags of money to spend on our lil DIY gem.

Produced and Created by Lesley Ann Fogle and Constantine Hondroulis

Movie sample playing in the background at the beginning is Hedy Lamarr in Zeigfred Girl; please also see the movie Bombshell about Hedy's life

Video of galaxies NGC 1512/1510 by ESA/Hubble, Digitized by Sky Survey, Nick Risinger

"Starlight" from the 2019 album "Psycho Social Sexual" by After-Death Plan

Vocals, Violin, Lesley Ann Fogle

Bass, Piano Constantine Hondroulis

Electric Guitar, Jay Gasper

Audio Engineer, Lesley Ann Fogle, Hear No Evil Sound

Mastered by Anna Frick, Airshow Mastering

Lyrics: Starlight starbright A lovely sky is painted on a hard night. This sky is only for you And possibly me. Fall farther. You’re not wrong or right. Such a pretty star in the night.


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