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April 17th concert! Nope. Here's a mopey video.

2021 update: This show is returning as a two-day fest in October 2021 but After-Death Plan was not asked to play. My friend got mad at me awhile ago at a misconstrued comment, despite years of correspondence that was all happy and sweet and funny. This is the first I've said about it in my corner of the web. It is a great big shame. ~ Lesley

Well, this was a wash (and other first world problems). I assumed this show would be cancelled but you never know and now we know. Checked a couple of sources since it is April Fools' Day.

The Coronavirus put a stop to any and all shows till at least May. I just read on Columbus Underground that school was cancelled in May followed by the correction *UNTIL* May. Ow, my heart. Production trained me to be motivated by piling on and rising up from the chaos a phoenixlike impressario…it’s more like Bugs in Baton Bunny. But I tend to avoid immersing when the kids are home rather than scar them by asking for the kind of silence that doesn't pick up on a large diaphragmatic condenser mic. I can hear their thoughts on that thing.

All of my field and remote work has been cancelled/postponed so this is more about narrating, some post work, spec work, and personal creative. I imagine we are all putting off what it means to lose money. And trying to put aside worrying if this pandemic will reach us or our loved ones. Not much can be done about it when the answer is to wait and see. We’re doing the right thing. Excusing ourselves when it’s all too much, knowing and forgiving our intensities.

When the sun has visited about once a week, I can see how much 2020 is like 1995. Crowds at the park, letters in the mail, a couple of daily phone calls to pick up or call back at a better time. I’d missed these singular transmissions of the voice with all its tone and shade and shadow and wit and syncopation. The written word can show all that but it takes a background to the errands of social media.


So what now? Up till two weeks ago After-Death Plan been practicing with George and Jay and things were sounding good. This particular show, the second She Burns Bright, was to be on my birthday and seemed like a calling to celebrate with friends and community. The curator is an old friend, and the event itself is supposed to be about poetry and vulnerability and inclusiveness. Seemed fated. That’s the thing about fate. It’s not to be trusted as such till you get to the end of the tale.

I’m getting to the point. After-Death Plan has been at a creative standstill. Getting out of shape in many ways, actually. Set up a camera at our first practice yesterday: ungroomed, blanketed, seated, and almost incidental. But it’s a start. Motivating. I think we’ll keep going and try to do something a bit more put together. Maybe jump on this livestream circuit, or is it zoom? I don't know.

After-Death Plan - Happiness, Quarantine Edition

“Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for meaning.” ~ Viktor Frankl

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