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Another Quarantine Video: Octopus

Yeah, well, we still haven’t figured out how to make a livestream video sound okay but we’re working on it. Meanwhile, we recorded this video last night using a drum loop from the demo session. This is legitimately us though and not robots. Sound is, eh, fine. It's fine. Stay safe and wash those paws!

Octopus by After-Death Plan

Another sad one brought by the sad tide that is my wasted sea

Nature makes a bloom of just the right reach for the long-necked insect to feed

And I in my best shirt sit, dead-eyed and smiling, while the water claims me

Sixteen leagues under the sea How long will that neck be?

I can wait an eternity A slow volution passing

Octopus crawl on the ocean floor

Propulsion forward when you're feeling vulnerable

Octopus crawl Change your shade and form

To blend in hidden in the scene

I’m so bored Another sad boy In my dead sea

And in this brooding chamber My words, wet inky anger

The blinded predator’s heart skips no beat

Octopus, crawl, on the sea floor Feeling everything you need

I’m so bored Another sad one In my dead sea

You and me we have a lot in common

All alone in my great big kingdom

I cut my arm off to avoid bad relations

I can mirror just the worst abomination

You and me we have a lot in common


URL in case you can't see the embedded video:

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