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Remix for Jovan Karcic's "Echo Echo"

The remix for Jovan Karcic’s song “Echo Echo” is now out on Bandcamp. The original version of "Echo Echo" is from the album "2015" by Jovan Karcic (Gaunt, Haynes Boys, Scrawl, and more), released January 2019 on Scioto Records.

Jovan Karcic 2015

I spent most of my heyday in Chicago where my attention was centered on the local music scene. What was hot in Columbus, Ohio was not in the center of my radar so I missed a lot from this artist. Getting the chance to lean into his music and voice has turned me into a fan. I like the epic narrative of this song along with the sensitive orchestrations. The dream state and life's bigger questions.

You can find out more about the album 2015 by Jovan Karcic through Scioto Records:

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